• Mission:

    The mission of the Dade County High School Work-Based Learning Program is to assist in providing a highly trained, technologically and career oriented young work-force. This is accomplished by developing partnerships between business, industry, students, parents, the school system, coordinators, and post-secondary institutions which will lead the participating student into meaningful careers. 


    • To assist in the creation of a strong support structure and partnership between local employers, secondary schools, and technical schools, college and certified training programs. 
    • To provide assistance in the articulation of programs of study between high schools and post-secondary institutions. 
    • To create a system that is industry driven where employers and their representatives help set occupational skills standards, collaborate on curriculum, provide work experience and work-place mentors for students, and certify mastery of skills leading to the award of a skill certificate. 
    • To focus on student’s learning about “many aspects” of a broad industry cluster rather than mastering a narrow set of occupational skills.

    Interested in Becoming a Work-Based Learning Partner or Placement Site?