Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education

  • Tonya Gatlin
    Tonya Gatlin
    CTAE Director

    The Dade County School System recognizes the value and importance of receiving business and industry input. Each Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) program will have a successful and functioning advisory board that operates in accordance with the Dade County CTAE Advisory Council Handbook.

    The Advisory Council creates partnerships between CTAE programs and businesses and industries in the communities they serve. Advisory Board members provide support and advice to the CTAE programs in an effort to assist in producing graduates prepared to enter post-secondary training and/or the workforce. Advisory councils historically have been a very effective means of making the educational delivery system respond to the needs of a constantly changing labor market.

    The functions of the Advisory Council are:

    • Encourage high school students to pursue careers/education after graduation.
    • Provide the means to ensure that the curriculum is relevant to business and industry.
    • Create partnerships between programs and industry.
    • Promote public awareness of K-12 career and technical education opportunities, college and career awareness and highlight current programs.