Regulation IFCD: School Volunteers

  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering to work with the Dade County School System.

    There are two levels of volunteers:

    • Level 1 - Volunteers who do not work in direct contact with students nor participate in overnight trips.  Examples include, but are not limited to, volunteers assisting school personnel, working in concession stands, clean-up days, etc...
    • Level 2 - Volunteers who have direct contact with students.  At a minimum, all Level 2 volunteers will be required to get a criminal background check.

    In an effort to keep our children safe, all volunteers are required to complete the following steps prior to volunteering.

    Required Steps for all Volunteers:

    • View the Volunteer PowerPoint in its entirety 
    • Fill out and submit the Dade County Schools Volunteer Form
      • Note:  This form requires an acknowledgement of the viewing of the Volunteer PowerPoint
    • Complete a background check/fingerprinting (when required by the Superintendent/Designee).  The cost of fingerprinting and/or criminal background checks shall be paid by the volunteer.

    Once the steps are completed, approved volunteers will be notified and can then begin working in the school system.

    Volunteer applications, background checks, and fingerprinting must be completed annually.