School Bus Danger Zone

  • School Bus Danger Zone

    In order for school bus drivers to safely load and unload students, they must recognize that there is an area around a stopped school bus that is very dangerous. This is the area near the bus where the bus driver might not see students or where cars might be moving when student riders are getting on and off the school bus. Bus drivers must ensure proper execution of procedures any time students are loading or unloading. Additionally, it is essential that bus drivers use both direct vision and properly adjusted mirrors to see students in the DANGER ZONE.

    The DANGER ZONE is: The TWELVE FOOT area that surrounds a stopped school bus. Especially the most dangerous areas which are around the left and right front tires, the front door and the right rear tires where it is difficult for the bus driver to see students with their direct vision. These areas are where the school bus poses a great threat to students riders. Additionally, students are at risk to passing motorists on both the left and right sides of the stopped school bus.