• John Smith
    John Smith 

    Supervisor of Facilities/Transportation

    Physical Address: 298 Tradition Lane, Trenton, Georgia  30752
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 188, Trenton, Georgia  30752

    Phone: 706-657-7053
    Fax: 706-657-2089

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    Student Transportation
    "Transporting Our Future"

    The Dade County School Transportation Department makes available safe, consistent, and reliable school bus service for more than 2,000 students enrolled in Dade County Schools. School transportation is provided in conformance with pupil transportation policies and procedures established by the State Board of Education and the Dade County Board of Education.

    The mission of the Transportation Department is to support the educational process through the safe, lawful, reliable, and cost-effective transportation to every student on every trip. Transportation manages 28 buses and 20 daily routes. One-third of the District’s students ride the school bus on a daily basis.

    • Daily routes cover over 1200 miles each day.
    • 315 extracurricular and athletic trips have been driven this year.
    • Transportation conducts ongoing training for our staff pursuant to State and Federal guidelines. Drivers are required to complete a monthly professional development training program and are required to pass a yearly evaluation on driving, loading, unloading, and student management skills.

    Route Information

    • Buses shall not be routed down a street or highway that does not afford a satisfactory turnaround or is otherwise unsafe for bus travel.
    • Buses are not to be routed on private property (this includes most mobile home parks and apartment complexes).
    • The Director of Transportation may make an adjustment in bus stop location, if warranted, to eliminate unsafe or hazardous conditions.
    • School bus routes are established during the summer before school starts each year.
    • Routes will be adjusted as needed after school begins to make the routes effective and efficient.
    • Bus stops on the routes are not always the same as the previous year.
    • Safety of bus riders is always our greatest concern.

    Motorists should

    • Watch for children at bus stops and as they get on or off the bus.
    • Use special caution during school hours and obey school bus "Stop" arms.
    • Always watch for the unexpected.

    Parents should

    • Review bus safety rules with your child and stress the necessity of observing them.
    • Make sure your child is at the bus stop five minutes early. Never be late. Haste increases the chance of an accident.
    • Remind your child to walk on the shoulder of the road on the way to the bus stop, where possible, and not on the traveled portion of the road.
    • Remind your child to wait in a safe place, well off the road, until the bus comes to a stop.
    • Students should not move toward teh bus until the bus and all traffic have stopped. Students should stop and look before crossing the road when preparing to baord or depart the bus. It is very important to look. Do not expect approaching traffic to stop.


Dade County Public Schools Transportation Department